Presentations/ Workshops

Here are a few of our most popular:

Organizing Your Way

Learn more about yourself to help you organize based on what comes naturally to you. Begin the process of thinking about your organizing style, your learning preferences, and your habits to help you create an organizing system just for you. Take advantage of your strengths and personal habits to be and stay organized!

S.T.E.P.s to Downsizing

Thinking of moving to a smaller home? Or perhaps you just want to prepare for the unexpected. Our “Downsizing for Seniors” presentation will help participants understand the S.T.E.P.s to begin the process of letting go to create an uncluttered lifestyle: sell it, toss it, enjoy it, and pass it on! This presentation will share tips to downsizing, creating a plan, and determining what items to keep, and how to organize those items.

Organizing for Educators

Paperwork overload happens to even the best teachers. Learn systematic ways to handle paperwork in the classroom and ideas for creating a ‘teacher command post’ that is organized, efficient, and takes advantage of your strengths and habits to keep your teacher area stress-free!

Your Mobile Office

We live in a fast paced world and many of us turn our cars into mobile offices. keep your mobile office (car) professional for clients to see and easy for you to find what you need when you need it. Learn strategies and techniques to keep your mobile office organized and efficient without breaking the bank.


Don’t see a workshop or presentation that fits your needs? Just ask, we can customize to help your group become more organized a step at a time!