How it Works

Organizing a Step at a Time has a variety of options to work with your budget. Please call so we can help determine the best package for you!

  1. Please contact us for your free 20-minute phone assessment. This is our time to get to know one another, to learn about your needs, and to answer your questions about working with a professional organizer.
  2. If we are a good fit, we can set up your first session. We work M-F with both daytime and evening appointment times. We have some weekend sessions available on a first-come, first served basis.
  3. Your first session will include an in-home assessment. We will determine the best place to start and we can dig right in! During our sessions, we will assist with planning and furniture rearrangement along with decluttering.
  4.  If you are a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ and would like to organize or desing on your own,  but want a plan to help get you started, we can do that too! A personalized organization or redesign plan that fits your needs can help motivate you to create the space you desire.

Staging Service – first we will assess each room in the home. Then using what you already have we will work together to transform you home.

Redesign Service – after assessing each room and identifying your personal style, we will work together to create a space that is functional and beautiful.

Organizing/Decluttering Service – we will help you sort through your belongings to decide what you need and want. Then we provide a personal plan on how to organize and maintain your space.

$75 = In-Home Assessment

$95 = Personalized Plan

$195 = 1 three-hour session

$540 = 3 three-hour sessions (save $5 an hour)


A minimum of 3 hours is the best amount of time to make a change and to see a difference for a project.  After the first session, we can discuss the scope of the project to decide on continuing with more sessions or purchasing a personalized plan.



Felice has an incredible eye for design and space. She gave my living room/kitchen space a makeover a few years ago. She can take the furniture and accessories you already have and make it look totally different by moving things around and re-purposing items. She used items tucked away in the closet (baskets, pillows, greenery, knick-knacks) and placed them with items I would never have thought to pair with in totally new ways. The result is a space that is pleasing to the eye while still remaining functional for every day living.
— Robbie in Driftwood, Texas